Services for cloud providers

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Cloud based services

Virtualization and containerization based on modern open source technologies are now most used at internet services providers. We will provide the knowledge base, resources and researches for that purpose.

Cloud privacy & security

Privacy & security are the most important matters today when talking about personal finance. We provide consulting and services for maximizing pivacy and security on your cloud servers. For small and large corporations.

Data security

Securely start storing sensitive data by strong use of encryption. We can drive your firm in using asymmetric encryption as well as symmetric AES one. Be sure with your data and with your customers’ data, this mean more trust from your customer.

Protected connections

We provide firewalls, access detection systems, live distributions, antivirus appliances for securing your systems. No more unwanted intrusions of ransomware on your precious data. Start immediately implementing all necessary strategies.


Dedicated consulting and assistance for your project. From tech with more than 15 years on business.

datacenters setup

If you wish create and manage a datacenter, we can assist for setup and manage.

Hosted cloud servers

You can run run our server at our datacenters in order to benefit of our maniacal assistance and support on all your systems.


Academy for companies and public institutions

We organize and participate in public conference and seminaries (physical and virtual). We create lectures dedicated in your establishment for your management or your employees for any related matters.

We prepare documentation for any skill level and we make research on arguments which are considered useful for public institutions or private companies. We can participate in studies and public projects on data learning and cloud applications.


Documentation and committed studies and research

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